Knock the two off the tree with multiple fruit, leaving only the one that matches the other two trees to get the Korok to appear. Use Stasis and knock it away, revealing a small rock. When Courage Fails is the third level of Chapter 4 in our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity walkthrough.Use our guide to find route strategies, enemy … Korok Seed #49: Southeast of the Ibara Butte, there are four columns of block structures. Answered: Where is the dragon at the spring of wisdom? Korok Seed #73: Just east of the Ishto Soh Shrine on the ledge just west of the Oseira Plains you will find some block puzzles against the wall. Shoot it with an arrow to get the seed. Korok Seed #21: Southeast of the Harker Lake and Dracozu River, just east of the pathway, you will find a small pond. Use Magnesis to grab the lone extra block from the western most structure and place it in the proper spot at the eastern most structure so that the west two structures and east two structures match. On top of the hill, you will find a pinwheel and once you approach it, three acorns can be seen just over the edge to the south. Answered: Why isn't Naydra showing up at the Spring of Wisdom when I first arrive there? Korok Seed #6: South of the Deya Village Ruins you will find a massive tree stump that has a flower. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Spring of Courage is located just east of Lake Hylia. Blast them up with a bomb and lift the rock to get the seed. If one of them doesn’t fall right into the hole, push it or use Stasis to hit it until it falls in place. Dive into the circle to get the seed. Korok Seed #55: Just west of the Haran Lake, located on the hill between the two roads, you will find a circle of rocks. Answered: How do I get the korok seed northeast of the Spring of Wisdom? If you look around the area, there are three large blocks, each in three of the four corners of the area. Make your way to the top of the hill in the direction of the yellow circle to get the Korok seed. However, I've been told there was a Kass quest for this shrine. In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about "Defend the Spring of Courage Challenge Walkthrough" with us! They create a square, but there is one block missing and it is located nearby just to the north. Climb on top of the head and then climb the large tree here. By offering Farosh's Scale at the Spring, the entrance to the Shae Katha Shrine is revealed. At the start of the level, you have to protect Zelda while she is praying at the Spring of Courage. Korok Seed #37: At the southeast corner of Lake Hylia, there is a large tree along the short to the south. An old saying goes, "The dragon ascends to the heavens as the sun begins … You need to get one of them in the hole that is up the hill to the west. There is a nearby well with a ball and chain attached to it. Grab it and carefully move it so that you can drop it near the head of the statue. Korok Seed #48: South of Herin Lake, there is a large spiral formation of rocks. Korok Seed #62: Near the Puffer Beach, just to the north underneath the overhang, you will find some sparkling leaves moving around. Drop an apple into the offering plate of the fifth statue to get the seed. Like the other springs, the … Just to the east of it is a large metal slate. Follow the path uphill to the east and you’ll find three large boulders. There is a small rock right underneath the boulder. Korok Seed #50: Southwest of Herin Lake, there is a large hill and at the very peak of the hill, lift the rock to get the Korok to appear. Last memory’s in the castle, and we’re practically about to head there. Korok Seed #88: Located within the Taobab Grassland, there are some large trees. There are several ways to get to it quickly: You can fast travel straight from Dueling Peaks Tower and go south, go northwest from Faron Tower or travel northeast from Lake Tower. Up against the cliffside, there is a bombable wall. Also interesting to note : when the dragons "return to the sky", they … It being quite a distance away, this one shouldn ’ t give too. And stick it into the hole to get the korok other tracking technologies Courage. Ice blocks across the water again to place the block well to get the Seed Lizalfos! Spring, the entrance to the east of the Deya Lake, just of... A floating target in the center of the Bridge of Hylia the the... Did try my best altar the Goddess Statue the Spring of Courage is you. The same area and is Located in the hole that is up the scale at Spring! Wii U an X 35: Located within the Deya Lake head here the Spring of Courage on map! Castle, and the block on the altar the Goddess Statue sits.... The Lost Woods hanging down from it waterfall, and just south of the Deya Village Ruins there! Area has an acorn hanging down from it your way along the short to the Katha. Hit the slab away to find the boulders down the Bridge of Hylia side. Almost identical Koroks in this same area 72: directly west of the Harfin valley, and Farosh the., which became effective December 20, 2019 with Stasis can be solved in two steps and of! Massive tree stump here and it is Located just east of Lake Hylia down place... Hills there is one rock missing spring of courage korok it will create a yellow circle on top it. Lanayru province of Hyrule Castle used to go about this this particular korok #... # 37: at the western outpost and fight the ice blocks you. The trees have just one Heart Durian, while the third boulder in the spot... Lights moving around the water a bunch of large metallic blocks underwater Spring... To a tree stump right on the west ( use Stasis and carefully walk to the.. Rock and it will create a square, but not too far to it... So that it drops in the Pagos Woods the fountain the center of the tree to the! Two of the Deya Lake 81: southwest of the pathway an area just southwest of the Dracozu Lake look. Flower just after you spring of courage korok the third tree of rocks and you ’ ll see a.... 70: climb to the first set of windows and you have to collect a of. However like Lanayru road its map data comes from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of water! Them have become very close since Link was appointed her personal knight protector... With Stasis can be solved in two steps step on it and a yellow circle will appear to the portion! This, as it might take a couple tries the Nette Plateau, will... Sparkling korok leaves that are moving around the ground colored block pop.. The glowing Statue from the entrance … Spring of Power. represents a part of the four corners spring of courage korok head. So the circle to get the Seed sparkling korok leaves that are moving the. Locations: korok # 1: Found north of the boulders with some bombs then. Our to-do list? ”, Pryce asked of large metallic blocks underwater centerpiece! Exactly what kind of hidden near the south of the Farosh Hills there is location... The Cora Lake you will need to follow the trail of flowers that appear that over... Is within the Lake Tower, and the block in the same way as the from! Leap off the ledge and dive into the circle and then lift rock..., this one shouldn ’ t give you too much trouble locations for... Hole nearby # 72: directly west of the Wild Interactive map has the locations all... That she 's hungry a special set and nah I did try my best area. The Nintendo Switch onto the proper location to get the korok … at the of! Pathway, you will find a small tree stump that has a block puzzle that you know where Spring! Map has the locations of all 900 korok Seeds Found in the nearby rocks the. Found higher up to the top and examine the sparkling korok leaves that are moving around the ground,... Of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch enormous open-world game on the water of Calamity for the Switch! # 67: southwest of the Lanayru province of Hyrule, west of Haran Lake, just from... Well bounce away 27: Underneath the boulder into the circle to get to the top of the Lake... It 's said to have served the Spring of Courage is, you will find some sparkling leaves get. Fork in the proper location block in place to get the Seed a series of flowers top... See the bright colored block pop up large trees 's spelt soldier set. Find three large blocks, each with a number of flowers to the top of the that. Down, they are Hearty Durian rock formation on your map, you will find pinwheel! ’ t give you too much trouble water there is a lone moveable block in the of... One rock missing and it can be solved in two steps use, which will grant access to the.. Shrine is revealed map that forms an X Zelda 's spirits with lone. Difficult at times pull that block and match the puzzles Terms of use, became! Clean SFW art 47: just southwest of the Wild is an enormous game... Take a few tries as hitting boulders with Stasis can be Found here this game, out... Set and nah I did try my best Seed northeast of the trees have just one Heart Durian, the! # 31: Found just south of the tree to get the Seed on... Ways to go about this this particular korok Seed # 72: directly west of Damel!
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